Welcome to Neil Laybourn Consultancy!


Our Vision

Any person in any workplace has full permission to openly explore their mental health without prejudice, discrimination or stigma.

Furthermore, every employee has the appropriate level playing field, providing access to resources in order to achieve their optimal wellbeing. 

About Neil Laybourn Consultancy (NLC)

NLC’s proposition is simple. We solve three major problems for today’s workforce by following our three guiding principles:

  1. Removing the heavy lifting of navigating and designing the right wellbeing programme for your organisation
  2. We deliver a customised range of ongoing solutions using NLC’s proprietary offerings, beautifully accompanied alongside our personally vetted family network of best-in-class partners.
  3. Provide measurable ROI on the systems we put in place.

Our Mission

We focus to deliver end to end employee mental health programmes. From being unaware, to detection, management, support and prevention. This helps to deliver an experience for your very of communities to lean into a healthier mental health culture within your business. 

  • We aim to utilise our years of unrivalled insights in your wellbeing strategy design. 
  • We will provide the shortest route from distress to positive mental health to your employees using best-in-class services. 
  • We aim to show measurable ROI to you and your workforce on their mental health and wellbeing. 

Through partnering with Marty Wightman, who has an extensive 20-year career in consulting for businesses, NLC was born. Neil and Marty will distill this knowledge and experience so that any place of work can understand and implement excellent support and culture throughout.

Mapping It Out

We fully understand some workplaces are in very different stages of their wellbeing strategy, some advanced, some just beginning and many somewhere in the middle – but most of them striving to do their very best, despite not having any in-house expertise on the subject.

Wellbeing Engine

We all respond in different ways to today’s challenges.

For someone who may need a human conversation or reflective writing session with pen and paper, another may need to track their behavioural data through an app or to connect online for peer support.

Measurement and ROI

We know that training and development is a critical investment and uses significant budget and resources, so you must get it right and working for you.