About Neil Laybourn Consultancy


Neil Laybourn – Founder

Neil has dedicated 10 years to working with hundreds of globally recognised brands, leading institutions, and fronting numerous public mental health campaigns.

From those people running startups to SME’s, from entrepreneurs to enterprise scale and all in-between, these interactions drive Neil’s passion for continued excellence in workplace mental health and wellbeing provision.

Because of this, Neil Laybourn Consultancy (NLC) instinctively knows the crucial components workplaces must adopt to have a culture that is fit for purpose in 2023 and beyond.

Marty Wightman – Co Founder & Managing Director

Through partnering with Marty Wightman, who has an extensive 20-year career in consulting for businesses, NLC was born.

Marty has an established professional career in coaching psychology and has run multiple psycho-educational workshops on anxiety, burnout, performance at work, and stress.

Neil and Marty will distill this knowledge and experience so that any place of work can understand and implement excellent support and culture throughout.


What makes NLC different

We believe in setting the gold standard for mental health solutions:

Unparalleled access to experts, meticulous partner vetting, excusive rates across the spectrum and a dedicated success manager ensure your clarity in decision-making.

NLC employs a single source of truth to measure effectiveness of our solutions.

We have an unmatched blend of business consultancy and mental health programming expertise.

How the NLC model works 

NLC’s Signature 3 Step Approach 

NLC’s operating model is simple yet highly effective.

1. Mapping it Out
Removing the heavy lifting of navigating and designing the right wellbeing programme for your organisation.

2. The Wellbeing Engine
We deliver a customised range of ongoing solutions using NLC’s proprietary offerings, beautifully accompanied alongside our personally vetted family network of best-in-class partners.

3. Measurement & ROI
Provide measurable ROI on the systems we put in place.

Mapping it Out
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The Wellbeing Engine
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Measurement & ROI
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Our Beliefs, Mission and Vision

Our Core Beliefs

NLC Believes in industry-driven mental health investments for societal betterment, community, and relationships as pillars of mental well-being, and the importance of empathetic leadership.

Our Mission

We continue to unite an exceptional network of wellbeing partners and mental health experts to deliver measurable results which return on investment.

To design and deliver tailored wellbeing programs with our partners spanning from awareness to detection, pro-active management, support, and ultimately preventing the impact of negative mental health at work.

Ensuring our signature approach drives successful engagement and adoption of mental health and wellbeing programmes we implement.

Our Vision

NLC aspire to truly lead and innovate mental health and wellbeing advisory across all industry, levelling the playing field for employees accessing resources.

We advocate for mental health’s parity with physical health in the workplace.

The 5 NLC Standards of Expectation

Innovation and Excellence:

We strive to continuously innovate and deliver best-in-class solutions by fusing a network of wellbeing partners and mental health experts. Our commitment to excellence ensures measurable results and a strong return on investment.

Tailored Solutions: 

We value tailoring wellbeing programs to address the unique needs of our clients, covering the full spectrum from awareness to prevention. This commitment to customisation ensures that our approach drives successful engagement and adoption.

Inclusivity and Parity:

We are dedicated to levelling the playing field for employees accessing resources, advocating for mental health’s parity with physical health in the workplace. We believe in creating inclusive and equitable solutions for all.

Collaboration and Unity:

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with our partners, experts, and clients to unite and innovate mental health and wellbeing advisory across all industries. Our collaborative approach drives progress and success.

Transparency and Accountability:

We uphold transparency and accountability in all our actions. We are committed to being transparent in our processes, reporting, and results, ensuring that we remain accountable to our clients, partners, and the communities we serve.

Mapping It Out

We fully understand some workplaces are in very different stages of their wellbeing strategy, some advanced, some just beginning and many somewhere in the middle – but most of them striving to do their very best, despite not having any in-house expertise on the subject.

Wellbeing Engine

We all respond in different ways to today’s challenges.

For someone who may need a human conversation or reflective writing session with pen and paper, another may need to track their behavioural data through an app or to connect online for peer support.

Measurement and ROI

We know that training and development is a critical investment and uses significant budget and resources, so you must get it right and working for you.