Our unique Wellbeing Engine is built to adapt and flex to the mood of your population at regular intervals, meaning that we firstly craft what we best think is suitable for your workplace and continue that iteration over time.

Now you turn the key and start driving to your destination!

Products and solutions

For one who craves a human conversation or reflective writing session, another may need to track their emotions, thoughts and feelings through an app or perhaps connect quickly to professional support. The correct tool is a vital lifeline for those who respond well to that medium – the outcome should be the same – staff wellbeing managed excellently across the board.

Critically, your staff retention and performance is directly reliant on your company providing the freedom, choices and access to experiences that can positively benefit their own mental health and wellbeing.

Whether developed inhouse or provided by our wider NLC family, our key to success is onboarding each and every solution diligently for maximum staff engagement and understanding how any product fits into its wider eco-system of other components.

Development, Training, Learning

Whatever your budgets are for mental health and wellbeing, it’s no secret that any training and development is a high proportional investment, so getting the maximum impact is crucial.

Wellbeing and mental health is an enormous topic to grasp in its entirety, even at the fundamental levels. At NLC we have deep knowledge of how to attain rich, digestible and current learning and development within the heady mix of in real life, virtual and hybrid demands of the shifting work environments we operate in today.

Storytelling and awareness

Any successful wellbeing culture requires the whole organisation to gain understanding through narrative and real-life experiences, either by external experts or those within your own ranks.

Our population-based awareness programmes deliver that understanding, enabling company-wide cohesion around mental health.

These programmes and sessions eventually empower your company to create more targeted and impactful initiatives on wellbeing as potential stigma and barriers are broken down and replaced by attitudes of openness and inclusion.

Critical intervention Partnerships

The full spectrum of mental health will exist and be prevalent within in your employee base, disclosed or undisclosed by them, this is a fact.

Having your key partners in place when needed is as reassuring for your company as it is for the employee who may need rapid access to more specialised resources.

As an example, a reputable charity that is expert in certain mental health conditions or perhaps a specialist provision that can co-ordinate with your teams if and when required, giving your employees confidence to access areas such as clinical expertise, correct language, signposting and deeper support services.

As much as we can provide and enable for the very best wellbeing of our employees, preparing for an unexpected crisis is part of the whole design.

NLC is a family eco-system of mental health and wellbeing experience, vetted professionals, creative inspirers and educators. With us, your engine will run and run and get your own company family to their best potential.

What to do next

Initial call

Get a meeting in with NLC to uncover the needs of your workforce communities and where you are on your Employee Wellbeing Journey.


NCL and a Sponsor from your company wiil start to work up a brief to respond to. This can be done together or if you have a Brief already written, we can walk through this.

Mapping It Out

We fully understand some workplaces are in very different stages of their wellbeing strategy, some advanced, some just beginning and many somewhere in the middle – but most of them striving to do their very best, despite not having any in-house expertise on the subject.

Measurement and ROI

We know that training and development is a critical investment and uses significant budget and resources, so you must get it right and working for you.