We know that training and development is a critical investment and uses significant budget and resources, so you must get it right and working for you.

Wellbeing and mental health is an enormous topic to grasp, even at the fundamental levels.

Ideally, you want every employee to understand every facet of wellbeing.

More realistically, what you need is to close the gaps of understanding and cohesion that exist in all workplaces. This will allow future leaders to flourish and be equipped with the people skills relevant in today’s rapidly shifting environment.

Use Wellbeing Ideas Ltd’s expert guidance to curate and implement today’s classroom for your staff.


Let’s start at  very the beginning, the very best place to start!

We will meet with your organisation and find out what you are doing now, or perhaps not doing, and who is making the impact, if any, currently.

Where are the gaps in your overall strategy, what are you trying to achieve, in what time frame and with what resources.

The first conversation with us will feel informal by design but rest assured, that’s on purpose.

This process will give us everything we need to make a proposal about where we should begin our journey together and what that journey can look like.

We usually allow about 2 hours for this initial phase.

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Mapping It Out

We fully understand some workplaces are in very different stages of their wellbeing strategy, some advanced, some just beginning and many somewhere in the middle – but most of them striving to do their very best, despite not having any in-house expertise on the subject.

Become Immersive

We all respond in different ways to today’s challenges.

For someone who may need a human conversation or reflective writing session with pen and paper, another may need to track their behavioural data through an app or to connect online for peer support.

Creating Your Partnerships

The full spectrum of mental health will exist and be prevalent within in your employee base, disclosed or undisclosed by them, this is a fact.

Uncover Hidden Stories

Having a successful wellbeing culture requires employees to gain understanding through narrative and real-life experiences, either by external experts or those within your own ranks.

Take it to the Stage

Somewhere nearby, somewhere soon, professionals and organisations will be gathering, in order to share, learn and grow their efforts to offer top class mental health and wellbeing provision for colleagues.