Travis Perkins Virtual Event

Travis Perkins Virtual Event

Travis Perkins is one of the largest suppliers of building materials to the UK’s building and construction industry. The company has built and enviable reputation for product quality and customer service and proud to have helped build Britian for over 200 years.

Neil was approached by the senior management team at Travis Perkins to help create a discussion for all of their branch managers nation wide to lift the lid off stigma and to promote open conversations with mental heath and wellbeing through the whole company.


After the successful event there were still many questions and topics to dive into that could bot be answered on the day. So many that Travis Perkins decided to create a follow up with Neil and Jonny to further discuss supporting colleagues with their mental health in the workplace.

This is an example of how your organisation can also create a follow up discussion to expand on the topic of mental health once an event has taken place.


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