We continually measure effectiveness and determine ROI by engaging decision-makers and committee members and conducting thorough consultations.

Your plan then further becomes even more tailored to address the specific needs of your employees.

From the initial consultation to Indexing, from our strategic planning to detailing your wellbeing engine, reviewing timelines, and budgets, our roadmap may get altered occasionally to ensure successful implementation, ensuring resource allocation aligns with objectives.

Evaluating the ROI over time demonstrates the plan’s effectiveness, fostering a healthy, productive work environment.



NLC have the capabilities to offer anonymised and aggregated data for us to confidently measure how well your Wellbeing Engine is running.

We are one of the pioneering consultancies leading the charge to help companies understand tangible and intangible returns based on our proprietary measurement framework.

We will define the KPI’s to be tracked and measured to ensure we successfully monitor progression throughout your company’s journey.

As famously quoted from the father of management thinking – Peter Drucker, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

Return on Investment

Until very recently, it was almost impossible to determine a return on investment through delivering wellbeing initiatives in the workplace.

We are one of the pioneering consultancies leading the charge to help companies understand tangible and intangible returns based on our proprietary measurement framework.

We also run feedback surveys along with sessions with your committee to health check on what your next requirements are going to be, so can keep offering what support is required. 


What to do next

Initial call

Get a meeting in with NLC to uncover the needs of your workforce communities and where you are on your Employee Wellbeing Journey.


NCL and a Sponsor from your company will start to work up a brief to respond to. This can be done together or if you have a Brief already written, we can walk through this.

Mapping It Out

We fully understand some workplaces are in very different stages of their wellbeing strategy, some advanced, some just beginning and many somewhere in the middle – but most of them striving to do their very best, despite not having any in-house expertise on the subject.

Wellbeing Engine

We all respond in different ways to today’s challenges.

For someone who may need a human conversation or reflective writing session with pen and paper, another may need to track their behavioural data through an app or to connect online for peer support.