NLC will uncover both the plan and the wellbeing vision for your employees. This critical step in the process is about spending plenty of time with you, after all, you know this vision better than we do!

We try to make it as simple as 1,2,3…

1. Benchmark

2. Insights

3. Results & Plan


Undertake our recommended Work Health Index Benchmark

Through partnership with the most thoroughly academic based and peer reviewed business health indexing model in the UK we could find, NLC can provide the starting point and guidance that will give your company a comprehensive clean bill of health in the quickest time possible.

We can continually track the maturity of your overall business health benchmark over time while simultaniously building your speciifc mental health and wellbeing programme with you.



Perhaps you have a full dedicated wellbeing committee, or possibly just one person who is passionately vocal about mental health at work and wants to do more.

Whatever the current landscape, we take a full organisational snapshot of your understanding, culture, and current provision that will guide us to the next phase.

Skilfully built upon and layered from Phase 1 benchmark, the NLC proprietary insights survey will uncover both a full mental health and wellbeing culture snapshot while providing a comprehensive gap analysis of knowledge, provision, and services within your company of the same topic.

Results & Plan

Our comprehensive assessments now complete will provide the parameters and insights for us to decide (together) what to keep, what to tweak, what needs to change and what provisions should be added.

Based on a cohesion and deep analysis of both the benchmarking and insights phases, NLC will provide you an unrivalled lens into your own current standing, as well as consulting on the all-important recommendation of pathways and actions to build, turn on and maintain your very own wellbeing engine.

NLC’s approach is to prioritise business efficiencies and productivity impact as much as psychologically safe work design and employee wellbeing outcomes.

We review all these exciting plans together before then looking at the next exciting stage of our approach; building your signature Wellbeing Engine


What to do next

Initial call

Get a meeting in with NLC to uncover the needs of your workforce communities and where you are on your Employee Wellbeing Journey.


NCL and a Sponsor from your company will start to work up a brief to respond to. This can be done together or if you have a Brief already written, we can walk through this.

Wellbeing Engine

We all respond in different ways to today’s challenges.

For someone who may need a human conversation or reflective writing session with pen and paper, another may need to track their behavioural data through an app or to connect online for peer support.

Measurement and ROI

We know that training and development is a critical investment and uses significant budget and resources, so you must get it right and working for you.